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Okanogan River

The tranquil Okanogan River (spelled Okanagan in Canada) flows from the serpent-shaped Okanagan Lake in British Columbia to the Columbia River in north central Washington.
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Siuslaw River

December | 2020
The Siuslaw River flows from moss-covered mountains to wind-swept coastal sand dunes, cutting a path through one of the most productive forests in the world, the Siuslaw National Forest.
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Redwood Creek

November | 2020
A hidden jewel in Northern California, Redwood Creek flows westward from the crest of the Coast Range without a single dam impeding its path.
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Sol Duc River

October | 2020
The longest river on the Olympic Peninsula, the Sol Duc begins high in the Seven Lakes Basin and flows for seven pristine miles through Olympic National Park, where it nourishes towering old-growth rainforests and passes the renowned Sol Duc Hot Springs.
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Deschutes River

September | 2020
The Deschutes is one of Oregon’s most beloved rivers, cherished for its outstanding boating, legendary trout and steelhead fishing and epic scenery along its entire 252-mile journey from the high Cascades to the Columbia.
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Cowlitz River

August | 2020
A mighty arm of the lower Columbia River, the Cowlitz proper begins on the glaciers of Mount Rainier and then gathers wild tributaries from both Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens before it enters the fertile “Big Bottom Valley” near Randle, Washington.
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Deer Creek

July | 2020
​One of the healthiest salmon streams of the Sierras, Deer Creek flows cold and clear for 70 miles from the northern Sierra Nevada foothills to the Sacramento River, south of the city of Red Bluff.
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