Little Wenatchee River

Saving a mile of the most important tributary to Washington's Wenatchee River

Little Wenatchee river
Little Wenatchee River, Washington
Photography | Mat Millenbach
Winter Steelheads swimming in Little Wenatchee river
Winter steelhead swimming in Washington's Little Wenatchee River.
Photography | USFWS

The Wenatchee River and its main tributary, the Little Wenatchee River, contain critical spawning grounds for the only healthy sockeye salmon run in the Northwest. In 1991, Western Rivers Conservancy purchased a 50-acre property encompassing one mile of the Little Wenatchee River. The property is mostly wetlands with healthy riparian forests, both serving as important components for maintaining the salmon's spawning grounds. In addition, the riparian forests are habitat for elk and black bear. The land is now owned and managed by the Wenatchee National Forest.

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