January 13, 2022

Our Favorite Bite-Size River Videos

IN LIFE AND IN ART, RIVERS ARE WELLSPRINGS OF INSPIRATION. They invite us to be adventurous, to be curious, to connect with nature, and to better understand history and heritage. And there are infinite ways to capture the joy we feel when we are alongside one, why they matter and just how beautiful they can be.

For our latest installment of Eddied Out, we’ve turned to video, specifically online shorts. Ubiquitous as they are, some of them just nail it. So, we’ve collected 10 that resonated with us to share with you.

This list is nowhere near complete, and we have undoubtedly missed some of the best. So, if you have a favorite river video that’s viewable online, and on the shorter side, please share it with us here and we’ll add it to this working list.

For now, we hope these videos transport you, for brief moments, to the world of rivers and remind you just how important they are—to the fish, wildlife, people and communities that depend on them.


"March of the Newts" by Freshwater Illustrated (4 minutes, 42 seconds):

"Wilder A Tale of Love for the Outdoors" by Great Outdoors Colorado (3 minutes, 2 seconds):

"Fish for the Future" by Fishpond" (3 minutes, 25 seconds):

"Why I Guide" by ARTA River Trips (4 minutes, 36 seconds):

"Saving Blue Creek, Lifeline of the Klamath River" by Western Rivers Conservancy (2 minutes, 46 seconds):

"The Sweep" by OARS (3 minutes, 52 seconds):

"In the Current" by YETI (5 minutes, 12 seconds):

"Steelhead Dreams" by Todd Moen (11 minutes, 4 seconds):

"Tim Palmer - A Field Guide to Oregon Rivers" by Freshwater Illustrated (1 minute, 54 seconds):

"Martin's Boat" by OARS (22 minutes, 38 seconds):

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