June 01, 2012

Conserving a Premier Hiking Destination and Salmon Stronghold in California

Deer Creek
Deer Creek, California
Photography | Cindy Diaz

In the northern Sierra Nevada foothills, Deer Creek winds through more than 50 miles of chaparral, blue oak groves and grassy hills. A haven for fish and wildlife, it is significant for its dam-free length, undeveloped stretches and breathtaking scenery. Deer Creek is also one of the precious few rivers that hold hope for restoring the Sacramento River’s endangered salmon and steelhead runs.

In March, Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) conveyed 600 acres along Deer Creek to the Northern California Regional Land Trust, permanently conserving the spectacular Lower Deer Creek Falls and completing a continuous fish and wildlife habitat corridor between the Lassen National Forest and the Ishi Wilderness Area. The property, purchased by WRC in 2009, received funding from California’s Wildlife Conservation Board, a division of the California Department of Fish and Game, in December.

In addition to important habitat, Deer Creek is an outstanding outlet for nature enthusiasts, hikers and recreationists alike and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Conveying this property into conservation stewardship will expand visitor access to the area’s hiking trails and waterfalls. The property connects to a complex of trails, including the trail to Lower Deer Creek Falls.

Above: Lower Deer Creek Falls. Photo by Cindy Diaz.

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