July 27, 2018

Celebrating 30 Years of Saving the Great Rivers of the West

Photography | Photo by Russ Schnitzer

This summer, Western Rivers Conservancy is celebrating 30 years of saving the great rivers of the West! After three decades, we remain the only organization dedicated exclusively to conserving the West’s great rivers through land acquisition.

Over the course of those years, we’ve conserved over 162,000 acres along more than 170 rivers and streams across the West. We’ve protected vital stretches of great rivers like the Hoh, Sandy, Salmon and Rio Grande, as well as crucial headwater tributaries, confluences, side-channels, waterfalls, wetlands, fragile meadows and critically important estuaries.

WRC has created state parks, salmon sanctuaries, county parks and nature reserves. We’ve expanded national wildlife refuges, national conservation areas, wilderness study areas and wild and scenic river corridors. And we have repatriated sacred homelands to Native American tribes that share our conservation vision for some of the West’s greatest rivers. 

In the process, we’ve opened new recreational access to hundreds of thousands of acres of both public and formerly private lands. Our work has created, and continues to create, outstanding recreational opportunities for anglers, hikers, boaters, hunters, birders and river lovers of all stripes, preserving and enhancing our nation’s legacy of great rivers and a great outdoors that is open to everyone.

Here’s to 30 years of saving the great rivers of the West!

Celebrate with us and help spread the word about our work by giving just $30 to get a limited-edition 30th Anniversary T-shirt (Long-sleeve option available) or canvas tote bag.

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