Yampa River - Cross Mountain Canyon

A Conservation Milestone at the Entrance of Colorado's Cross Mountain Canyon

In 2012, WRC purchased a 920 acre ranch on Colorado's Yampa River, at the very entrance to Cross Mountain Canyon (foreground). Acquisition opened new public access to tens of thousands of acres of surrounding public land. (Photo by Rob Hanna)

WRC's acquisition of Cross Mountain Canyon Ranch encompasses 2.5 miles of riverbank along both sides of the Yampa River. Cross Mountain Canyon is visible in the background. (Photo by David Dietrich)

WRC's efforts on the Yampa create new access to the Cross Mountain Wilderness Study Area, home to one of the continent's largest herds of Rocky Mountain elk. (Photo by David Dietrich)

The lower Yampa River is home to four species of Endangered warm-water fish. (Photo by Andy Cook)

The Yampa River is the least-dammed river in the Colorado Basin. It flows 250 miles from the Flat Tops Wilderness to the Green River, a tributary of the mighty Colorado. (Photo by David Dietrich)

After passing through the the conservation property, the Yampa River enters Cross Mountain Canyon. By acquiring Cross Mountain Canyon Ranch, WRC has created new access to the gorge for hunters, boaters, hikers and others. (Photo by David Dietrich)

Below Cross Mountain Canyon, the Yampa passes through Dinosaur National Monument. This stretch of the river is known for its gentle waters and spectacular scenery. (Photo by Agustin Goba)