Snake River

Protecting a birthplace for bighorns along the lower Snake River

WRC purchased Ten Mile Creek Ranch, on Idaho's Snake River, to conserve a prime reach of the river and some of the Pacific Northwest's best lambing habitat for big horn sheep. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

Ten Mile Creek Ranch provides crucial lambing habitat for as much as 50 to 80 percent of the Idaho-Hells Canyon population of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, which number approximately 150 sheep in all. Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson.

By conserving Ten Mile Creek Ranch, WRC will prevent likely subdivision and development along the banks of the Snake River. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

WRC’s efforts at Ten Mile Creek Ranch will conserve a mix of shaded finger canyons, breaklands, steep cliffs and sheltered caves like this one that provide vital lambing habitat for bighorn sheep. Each spring, ewes give birth to lambs in the cave pictured here. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

Ten Mile Creek Ranch on Idaho's Snake River. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

Along four miles of the Snake River that flow through Ten Mile Creek Ranch, Chinook salmon spawn each year following their return migration from sea. WRC's efforts to conserve the ranch will help ensure the long-term health of these important spawning redds. Photo by Eiko Jones.

Sunset on Ten Mile Creek Ranch. Photo by Kirk Anderson.