Salmon River

Conserving the longest salmon pathway in the West.

As one of Idaho's premier outdoor destinations, the Salmon River draws anglers, hikers, boaters, campers and equestrians from all over. (Photo by Dave Jensen)

In 2012, Western Rivers Conservancy purchased a 1,284-acre property surrounding the BLM's Pine Bar Recreation Site. Acquisition will enhance conditions for imperiled salmon and steelhead and protect habitat for bighorn sheep, elk, cougar and black bear. (Photo by Dave Jensen)

Conservation of the Heitstuman property will protect six cold, high-gradient tributaries that flow into the Salmon River and directly influence habitat quality for five ESA-listed fish, including sockeye, spring/summer Chinook salmon, steelhead and bull trout. (Photo by Dave Jensen)

Indian paintbrush and balsamroot bloom over the Salmon River. The conservation property is dominated by spectacular viewsheds like this one along two miles of the river. (Photo by Dave Jensen)

The Salmon flows freely for 425 miles with only one low dam near the headwaters. It is truly one of the West's most outstanding rivers. (Photo by Dave Jensen)

Because of its free-flowing length, its wilderness setting, its surviving runs of salmon and steelhead, and its healthy riparian habitat, the Salmon is arguably the most valuable and important river in the entire Rocky Mountain region. (Photo by Dave Jensen)