Salmon River - Pole Creek

Conserving Critical Habitat for Salmon in Idaho's Stanley Basin

In Idaho’s Sawtooth Valley, WRC purchased 619 acres along Pole Creek, a key tributary to the Salmon River with extensive Critical Habitat for imperiled salmon and steelhead. WRC’s acquisition will protect over a mile of the creek and bolster local conservation efforts to protect this vital spawning stream. The property lies within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and is surrounded on three sides by the Sawtooth National Forest. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

Salmon River steelhead and salmon make one of the greatest fish migrations on earth, swimming up to 900 miles and navigating eight dams to reach their spawning grounds in Idaho’s Stanley Basin. Pole Creek is designated Critical Habitat for Chinook salmon (pictured), sockeye salmon, steelhead and bull trout along nearly all of its length. Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson.

The Sawtooth National Forest has ranked Pole Creek its highest priority for recovery due to both this richness of habitat and its potential for restoration. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

WRC’s efforts on Pole Creek will prevent future grazing and development within the crucially important riparian areas of the stream, ensuring the vital habitat that Salmon River fish and wildlife rely on remains intact. Photo by Dieter Erdmann.