Rio Grande - Alamosa Riparian Park

Conserving open space and connecting the community of Alamosa to the Rio Grande

In Colorado’s San Luis Valley, WRC is working to conserve 204 acres along the Rio Grande, just outside the city of Alamosa. Our efforts will improve access to the river for the community and anchor the city’s trail system to a beautiful stretch of the Rio Grande. Photo by Christi Bode.

The city of Alamosa lies on the eastern boundary of the property (far right). WRC’s conservation of the Chefas property (near front-right of the photo) will protect habitat and fulfill the city’s goal of creating new river access for its residents. Photo by Christi Bode.

Once conserved, the lands will be owned and managed by the city of Alamosa as the Alamosa Riparian Park. Bike and pedestrian trails will be integrated into the city’s existing trail system, and residents will have easy access to the river that runs through their own backyard. Photo by Christi Bode.

WRC’s efforts outside of Alamosa will permanently safeguard prime open space and improve people’s ability to walk, bike, bird-watch and otherwise enjoy a formerly private stretch of the Rio Grande. Photo by Christi Bode.