Nason Ridge

Conserving a Cherished Mountainside above Lake Wenatchee and Nason Creek

Nason Creek, a tributary of the Wenatchee River, provides critical habitat for salmon, steelhead and bull trout, and is a crucial source of cold water for the Wenatchee. WRC is working to conserve two miles of the creek in a project that will also protect over 3,000 acres of forest above Lake Wenatchee. Photo by John Marshall.

Overlooking Lake Wenatchee from the Nason Ridge property that Western Rivers Conservancy is working to protect in partnership with the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. Photo by CDLT.

Conserving the Nason Ridge property will protect two miles of Nason Creek, a critical tributary to the Wenatchee River. Photo by Lee Rentz.

Nason Creek, which flows through the Nason Ridge property, provides habitat for several listed fish species, including spring Chinook. Photo by Barrie Kovish.

The pine marten is one of several Washington State Priority Species, along with Rocky Mountain elk and mountain goat, that will benefit from conservation of the Nason Ridge property. Photo by U.S. Forest Service.

A view of the Nason Ridge property across Lake Wenatchee. Photo courtesy of Chelan-Douglas Land Trust.

The property's two-mile reaches of Nason and Kahler Creeks provide habitat for several listed fish species, including bulltrout, summer steelhead, spring Chinook and sockeye. Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.