Nason Creek

A refuge for native fish and rare mammals.

In 2012, Western Rivers Conservancy extended a lifeline to endangered bull trout when it purchased a 648-acre property above Nason Creek (pictured), a key cold-water tributary of Washington's Wenatchee River. (Photo by Lee Rentz)

WRC's acquisition above Nason Creek also ensures a buffer zone on the northern boundary of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, improving habitat connectivity for gray wolves and grizzly bears, which are recolonizing surrounding areas. (Photo by Lee Rentz)

(Photo by Lee Rentz)

WRC's efforts on Nason Creek remove the treat of logging from a steep forested mountainside above the river, diminishing the threat of sediment displacement into the stream. This will not only improve spawning habitat for bull trout, but will increase the likelihood of success for restoration projects downstream. (Photo by Lee Rentz)