Cape Horn Ranch - Middle Fork Salmon

Saving the remote headwaters of one of America’s wildest rivers

Flowing cold and clear through Idaho's Cape Horn Ranch, Knapp Creek is a tributary to the Middle Fork Salmon River and supports Chinook, steelhead, bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout. WRC's efforts will conserve a critical reach of this stream. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

Knapp, Marsh and Bear creeks are a complex of streams in the Cape Horn region that provide crucial rearing habitat for Chinook salmon. WRC's efforts will improve stream flows, improving the odds that tiny juvenile salmon like these one will survive before their migration to the Pacific. Photo by Eiko Jones.

The Cape Horn region contains one of the largest undeveloped wet meadow complexes in the upper Salmon basin, providing outstanding habitat to wildlife, including Rocky Mountain elk (pictured). Photo by Kirk Anderson.

The cold-water streams on Cape Horn Ranch provide perfect, sheltered habitat for young salmon and steelhead and for imperiled bull trout. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

An angler on the banks of Knapp Creek on Cape Horn Ranch. Photo by Kirk Anderson.

Snow melt from the Sawtooth range, seen in the background, replenishes streams throughout Cape Horn region with icy, clean cold water that salmon and trout need. Photo by Kirk Anderson.