Fivemile and Bell Creeks

In 2002, Western Rivers Conservancy forever conserved 600 acres of high-quality salmon habitat along Fivemile and Bell Creeks. These creeks produce the highest density of spawning coho salmon of any streams on the entire Oregon Coast. They also contain runs of winter steelhead and sea-run and resident cutthroat trout.

Before restoration: Fivemile Creek in 2002, with a single incised channel, eroding banks and the valley bottom converted to pasture and dominated by annual grasses.

After restoration: Fivemile Creek in 2018, with the floodplain connectivity restored allowing for water to spread across the valley floor during all but the driest times of year, and native grasses, shrubs and tree seedlings planted throughout. Photo by Mik McKee.

Fivemile Creek flows into Tahkenitch Lake, a coastal lake south of the town of Florence, Oregon. Photo by Kathy Munsel, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.