Elk River

Conserving a treasured fishery on Oregon's southern coast

Flowing through dense old-growth forests of Douglas fir and Port Orford cedar, southern Oregon's Elk River is home to one of the finest fisheries on the West Coast. In 2012, Western Rivers Conservancy successfully conveyed a 170-acre property on the Elk to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

The Elk River supports one of the healthiest runs of coho salmon on the West Coast. When WRC purchased a 170-acre property at the confluence of the Elk River and Rock Creek, it protected some of the most important coho spawning habitat in the Elk system.

The Elk River basin is home to a wealth of wildlife, including elk, black bear, mountain lion, black-tailed deer, norther river otter, bald eagle, red-legged frog and marbled murrelet, a rare and imperiled seabird which nests in old-growth forests along the West Coast.

A Chinook salmon spawns in Rock Creek, a key salmon-bearing tributary to the Elk River.

The Elk River is a mossy and magical place.