Deer Creek

Protecting a Chinook and steelhead stronghold in the Sierra Nevada

Deer Creek is one of the Sierra Nevada's top three streams for aquatic life and a rare California waterway with healthy runs of spring Chinook and steelhead. In 2012, WRC conserved one of the few unprotected stretches of this unique stream when it conveyed a 600 acre property within Lassen National Forest to the Northern California Regional Land Trust. (Photo by Cindy Diaz.)

Lower Deer Creek Falls is the scenic centerpiece of WRC's acquisition. The project protects popular trails to the falls and important access trails into the Sierra Nevada. (Photo by Cindy Diaz.)

Deer Creek flows from the flanks of Mount Lassen to the Sacramento River. Its upper reaches flow through old growth forests that are prime habitat for California spotted owl and other unique wildlife. Conservation of the Lower Deer Creek Falls property improves habitat connectivity a safeguards a formerly unprotected stretch of salmon and steelhead water. (Photo by Cindy Diaz.)

Although at 50 miles Deer Creek is a relatively small stream, it is of great importance when it comes to salmon survival in California. (Photo by Cindy Diaz.)

Unlike most of the Sacramento River tributaries, Deer Creek is free of dams and nearly void of development. Photo by Cindy Diaz.