Conejos River, Rio Grande

Conserving prime fish and wildlife habitat along the Conejos and Rio Grande

WRC is working to conserve a property called the Olguin Ranch, which spans 1,180 acres, including 1.6 miles of the Conejos River and more than a mile of the Rio Grande. Photo by Russ Schnitzer.

The Olguin Ranch is of great importance to birds and other wildlife of southern Colorado and contains designated Critical Habitat for endangered southwestern willow flycatcher and threatened yellow-billed cuckoo (pictured). Photo by Mary Alice Tartler.

The Olguin Ranch lies directly across from the new San Luis Hills State Wildlife Area, which WRC created in 2018. Photo by Russ Schnitzer.

WRC’s Interior West program director, Dieter Erdmann, looking out for birds on the Olguin Ranch. The property is home to diverse bird-life, which will be permanently conserved with the completion of the project. Photo by Russ Schnitzer.

Cottonwood trees on the Olguin Ranch property. Photo by Russ Schnitzer.

The wetlands on the Olguin Ranch property are vital to fish and wildlife. Photo by Russ Schnitzer.

Looking across the Olguin Ranch, near the confluence of the Conejos River and the Rio Grande. Photo by Russ Schnitzer.