Big Sheep Creek

Conserving a Prime Movement Corridor for Rare and Imperiled Wildlife.

Big Sheep Creek flows from its headwaters in British Columbia's Monashee Mountains to the Columbia River. The Big Sheep Creek valley is a major movement corridor for large mammals and rare carnivores, including grizzly bear, moose, bighorn sheep, Canada lynx and wolverine. (Photo by Dave Jensen)

Western Rivers Conservancy protected 2,440 acres along Big Sheep Creek in an effort to conserve this important stream. The creek is home to redband and bull trout and nourishes a rich ecosystem of wetlands and meadows.(Photo by David Jensen)

The land WRC conserved along Big Sheep Creek provides important habitat for Canada lynx, which is a federally threatened species. Canada lynx are easily identifiable by their large paws and pointed tufts of fur above their ears. (Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson)

Big Sheep Creek in fall, immediately downstream of the lands that WRC protected. (Photo by David Jensen)

The property WRC acquired and conserved is known as the Bennett Meadows Tract and is important not only because it spans a key reach of Big Sheep Creek, but because it is home to extensive meadow and wetland habitat. (Photo by David Jensen)

The majority of Washington's grizzly bear population inhabit the lands that WRC protected. Grizzly have only recently begun to recolonize parts of Washington, and it is imperative that we conserve areas like Big Sheep Creek that are vital to their survival. (Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson)

Overlooking the Big Sheep Creek valley, one of the region's most important movement corridors for large mammals. The mountains seen in the background are in Canada. (Photo by David Jensen)

Wolverine, a large but elusive member of the weasel family, are found in the Mountain West and inhabit the lands WRC conserved. The wolverine has made a slow but steady recovery after hunting, trapping and poisoning in the early 20th Century nearly eliminated them from the Lower 48. (Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson)

Moonrise over Big Sheep Creek. (Photo by David Jensen)