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Western Rivers Conservancy Announces New President

February 25, 2013

Portland, Oregon – Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC), the West’s leader in river conservation through land acquisition, announced a smooth transition in leadership today. Phillip Wallin stepped down as President, and WRC’s Board of Directors appointed Sue Doroff as Western River’s new President.

Wallin led WRC for 12 years and will remain with the organization as Vice President under Doroff, handling major conservation projects such as WRC’s ongoing work on California’s Klamath River and its cold-water tributary, Blue Creek.

“The timing of this transition is right,” says Wallin. “Sue has shown her ability to lead Western Rivers to a new plateau, and I want her to have the chance to take the reins while I am still here to support her efforts. We have assembled a great staff and an excellent Board, and the next few years will see some amazing accomplishments in river conservation.”

Under Wallin’s leadership, Western Rivers Conservancy protected over 110,000 acres on more than 50 rivers across the western United States. From the beginning, Doroff, who cofounded the organization with Wallin, served as Executive Vice President and is today one of the country’s foremost experts on conservation land acquisition.

“While this is a change in leadership,” says Doroff, “It is not a change in direction. We will continue to acquire key riverland properties to ensure we have healthy, functioning rivers for the fish and wildlife that depend on them. We will continue to improve access, so everyone can enjoy our rivers, whether as anglers, boaters, hikers or someone seeking solitude and a place to enjoy the beauty of a free flowing river.”

Locally, Western Rivers Conservancy is best known for purchasing 16 miles of property along both banks of the lower John Day River in 2008. The property, formerly known as Murtha Ranch, will soon become Cottonwood Canyon State Park, Oregon’s largest state park.  WRC also created a 17-mile conservation and recreation corridor along the Sandy River in partnership with Portland General Electric and the Bureau of Land Management.

About Western Rivers Conservancy
Western Rivers Conservancy is a Portland, Oregon based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that protects outstanding river ecosystems in the western United States. The Conservancy acquires land to conserve critical habitat, provides public access for compatible public use and enjoyment, and cooperates with other agencies and organizations to secure the health of whole ecosystems.  WRC brings unique expertise—¬¬buying land— to enable restoration partnerships and ensure permanent protection of our best remaining western rivers. To learn more about WRC, please visit


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Western Rivers Conservancy
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