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Sandal Up! A Partnership for Rivers

July 02, 2014

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with FishPond and Chaco! FishPond creates top-notch fly fishing and outdoor gear, and Chaco has long been known for its indestructible river sandals. So it makes sense that the two companies are teaming up to produce the perfect river sandals—and teaming up with WRC to protect some of the country’s most treasured streams.

Starting in spring, 2015 (we’ll let you know when shoes start hitting the shelves), the companies will donate $2.50 for every pair of Flip sandals and $5 for every pair of Z2 sandals sold. The campaign will run nation-wide and raise funds to support WRC’s riverland conservation efforts. Perhaps more importantly, the effort will raise awareness about WRC and engage new people in our mission to create sanctuaries for fish, wildlife and people along the great rivers of the West.

Whether you need a new pair of river shoes now or in 2015, you can rest assured that buying from both of these companies means you’re spending your money on quality products produced by folks who care about our rivers.