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Punchbowl Falls park idea sees a flurry of feedback

Hood River News, January 20, 2015

By: Ben Mitchell

A call for public input on a plan to develop a county park around Punchbowl Falls has been warmly received by area residents, hundreds of which have already provided feedback on what the future should hold for the popular waterfall near Dee.

Approximately 60 people turned up to a public forum held in the County Business Administration Building on Tuesday night that was led by Hood River Valley Residents Committee, a local land use watchdog group, and Western Rivers Conservancy, a Portland conservation group that owns the land around Punchbowl Falls.

In addition to the forum, Heather Staten, executive director of HRVRC, said that within the first week, over 400 people had completed an online survey that asked respondents questions geared toward determining what the current and desired future uses are of the site.

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