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Punchbowl Falls: Meet Oregon’s Newest County Park

Portland Monthly, July 28, 2016

By: Marisa Russell

As of this week, you own 102 beautiful wilderness acres at the base of Mount Hood. Technically, we all do—and Hood River County is our caretaker. Meet Oregon’s newest park, Punchbowl Falls, and all it has to offer: hiking, fishing, and—if you’re a polar bear—even swimming.

Located southwest of Odell, Punchbowl Falls Park can be found at the glacier-fed confluence of Hood River’s East and West forks, home to its namesake wide-basined waterfall. (If you’re thinking of Punchbowl Falls on the Eagle Creek Trail, think again—this new park is a dozen or so miles east.) According to Danny Palmerlee of the Western Rivers Conservancy, the new park—which formally opened on Tuesday, July 26—represents a major win for salmon habitat, one that’s been a very long time coming.

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