Eddied Out with WRC

Welcome to Eddied Out! WRC created this series to help connect people to rivers while we are all hunkered down at home during COVID-19. In hopes of bringing the spirit of rivers into your life during this difficult time, WRC tapped into our inner river nerd and started creating some lists to bring the river home: Our favorite river songs; our must-see river movies; the river books you have to read (coming soon!) and others. May these remind you of the tremendous joy our rivers bring into our lives, and their importance to all life here in the West.

River Songs Playlist

From bluegrass to soul, oldies to recent hits, we created a mix of some of the best songs inspired by the river. May it remind you of the tremendous joy our rivers bring into our lives, and their importance to all life here in the West. If you have any suggestions for songs you'd like to see added to the list, email us your suggestions. We hope you enjoy what you hear!

Listen on Spotity here.

12 Great River Movies

As we combed through the suggestions we received for this list, it became clear that rivers have played central roles in every genre of movie out there: comedy, drama, romance, crime, thriller, documentary and, of course, adventure! If there’s one thing this illustrates, it’s the importance of rivers to our lives and to our stories. They’re woven into everything. And that’s why Western Rivers Conservancy continues to protect them.

We hope you enjoy this list. We surely left a few favorites off, but these are the ones that rose to the top.

The River Wild (1994)
Jump aboard for a white-knuckle ride with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon in this white water thriller about a family taken hostage by a pair of fugitives during a rafting trip. The film was shot on the Kootenai and Middle Fork Flathead in Montana, and the Rogue in southern Oregon and features the legendary California river guide, Kelley Kalafatich, playing Streep's stunt double on the oars.

Spirited Away (2001)
A central character in Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 animated masterpiece is the River Spirit, who originally appears as the Stink Spirit in the form of a polluted river. The Stink Spirit is cleaned of its trash in the bathhouse and becomes a powerful dragon and the source of many good things. The character was supposedly based on Miyazaki’s own experience helping with a river clean-up that returned a dried-up old stream to health.

Sometimes a Great Notion (1971)
 “Never give an inch.” Such is the creed of the Stampers, a fiercely independent Oregon logging family that struggles to adjust to the changing world of the early 1960s, as the river running through their backyard consumes their land. Although it pales in comparison to the 1964 Ken Kesey novel that it’s based on, it’s well worth a watch (and free on YouTube). The film stars Paul Newman, Henry Fonda and Lee Remick and was directed by Newman himself.

Read the full list of river movies here.

Capturing River Moments Like a Pro

Western Rivers Conservancy hosted renowned fly fishing photographer Val Atkinson for a live Zoom how-to on photographing rivers and river scenes with your iPhone!

Val will be shared his favorite tips and tricks in a one-hour instructional session that covers the fundamentals of great photography—stuff that will help anyone improve their photo game on the river. Topics covered:

  • Why light is everything
  • How to compose a great shot
  • The importance of moment
  • iPhone technical tips
  • What makes Val’s and some of WRC’s best river photographs work

Rivers are where we make some of our fondest memories, but it can feel impossible to capture those special moments on a camera phone. Val will help you do better! And hopefully those photos will help you share your love of rivers—and why we should conserve them—with others.

About Val Atkinson
Val Atkinson is an internationally acclaimed fly fishing photographer whose work has taken him to over 30 countries. He has published four photography books, and his photography has appeared in more than 100 publications worldwide. This is a rare chance to learn from a true pro, who knows rivers intimately and knows how to capture them unlike anyone else.