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Finally, a chance to save Punchbowl Falls!

Feb 2nd, 2015  |  Written by Western Rivers Conservancy

Finally, a chance to save Punchbowl Falls!
Photo by Bob Leeb.

Western Rivers Conservancy has been working for years to create a county park at Punchbowl Falls, on Oregon’s Hood River. The park would protect both the falls and the confluence of the West and East Fork Hood Rivers, which is immediately downstream from Punchbowl. The Hood River is one of the Columbia Basin’s unsung gems and has the greatest diversity of fish species in the entire basin. Its location on the northern slopes of Mount Hood also make it very important in terms of cold water.

We’re closer than ever to seeing this project come together. Tom Kloster at Mount Hood National Park Campaign blog wrote a great post about the Hood and WRC’s efforts to create a park on this cherished stream. It’s well worth a read.