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We Did It! Alamosa Riparian Park created and open to all

Nov 25th, 2019  |  Written by Western Rivers Conservancy

We Did It! Alamosa Riparian Park created and open to all
Photo by Christi Bode

Success! On the banks of the upper Rio Grande, Western Rivers Conservancy has added an outstanding new riverfront park to the city of Alamosa, Colorado.

Access to the Rio Grande used to be limited from Alamosa, even though it was right on the edge of town. When the city began searching for a way to improve livability for its residents, the response from the community was clear: people felt better access to the Rio Grande would boost health and wellness by providing access to the river and the great outdoors.

In 2017, WRC partnered with the city and set to work to make this a reality.

We purchased two riverfront properties, and conveyed them to Alamosa, creating Alamosa Riparian Park and protecting a mile of the Rio Grande. The park is located just north of the city and will anchor Alamosa’s growing network of trails and green spaces and better connect the community to its backyard river.

Now, beneath the shade of tall cottonwood groves, people can walk, jog, bike and bird-watch year-round. What's more, the park is a sanctuary for wildlife, where healthy native plants provide habitat for animals like endangered southwestern willow flycatcher, river otter and bald eagle.

Thank you for making this project possible!