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"As climate change threatens a California tribe’s ‘Jerusalem and Mecca,’ a model deal could save the day"

Nov 1st, 2017  |  Written by The Sacramento Bee

This article ran in the November 1, 2017 edition of The Sacramento Bee.

By Jane Braxton Little, Freelance Writer

Before rushing to join the Klamath River, the waters of Blue Creek pause in a turquoise pool beside a bed of stone-gray cobbles. Salmon pause here, too – coho and fall Chinook, basking in the cool-water refuge to rally for the upstream swim to spawning grounds.

The journey up Blue Creek takes them past groves of redwoods and Douglas firs, over boulder-strewn cascades in a 4,000-foot climb to the misty Siskiyou Mountains. This ascent leads to what Yurok People call the “high country,” a hallowed place where they have gone for millennia to gather medicinal and ceremonial plants, and to commune with the sacred.

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