Jobs at Western Rivers Conservancy

Portland, Oregon

The Executive Vice President (EVP) is a new role which will support the President in building Western Rivers Conservancy’s capacity and effectiveness. The EVP will work alongside the President and the Director of Lands to ensure the success of land transactions in progress while developing opportunities for new conservation projects in key river ecosystems. The EVP will be engaged in organizational strategy and participate in envisioning and managing project budgets.

The EVP will manage his or her own portfolio of land projects, shaping purchase agreements and aligning the resources necessary to complete these transactions. The EVP will raise major gifts from individuals and foundations, as well as bring other funding partners together to realize each unique conservation transaction. The EVP will mentor a highly-seasoned staff of land transaction professionals and function at a senior level in this flexible and creative environment. While the Director of Lands will focus on tactical execution, the EVP will provide a clearly articulated vision and increased fundraising activity, strategic relationship development and organizational strategy; thus, building a deeper bench for each transaction. The Director of Lands and Conservation Director will report to the EVP.

Working closely with the President, the EVP will become critical to the continuity of work and stand ready to act on behalf of WRC in the absence of, or by delegation from, the President.

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Western Rivers Conservancy is working with Painter Executive Search to fill this position.  For more information or to apply, please contact:
Nancy Painter